Master Functional Human Pheromone Fragrance

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US $16-26 | 12 Piece/Pieces yes (Min. Order)
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4000 Piece/Pieces per Week yes
Ekizabeth, NJ
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New York, United States
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Master Pheromone Fragrance
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Sex Products, E-Cigarette, Other
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We package the individual units together in boxes of 12 pieces. Above that, we will ship odd numbers and can also ship in bulk liquid in any size.
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24 hours from NJ.


Human pheromone fragrance with Vanilla top note carrier for men and women in glass roller ball vial, packaged in luxury tubing.

Master Pheromone Fragrance comes in a 10ml rollerballglass vial that is intended to be applied under the nose and above the liparea. It is most effective when the pheromone and carrier scents directly enterthe nose. It can also be applied at all of the pulse points to further enhancethe experience.

The pheromones are clinically tested and developed to include both copulins(female amorous peptide molecules) and their male androgen counterparts, toactively enhance and arouse the wearer and a partner that is withinapproximately 10 feet.

The product is packaged in a very elaborate and rich paper tube with detailedartwork of the Gothic Renaissance character "Master" that appealsparticularly well to the Gothic Renaissance, Victorian, Lolita, romance andpassion categories. The typical profile of the buyer is a man aged 20 to 55,educated and sexually interested in enhancing his experience(s).

The Master Pheromone Fragrance is mated to top notes of vanilla which acts as a carrier for the pheromones that travel directly into thelimbic brain of the individual wearing it. This impacts the sensory responsesdirectly as the olfactory nerves are the only ones to do that with humans andthe response is immediate as well.

We have substantial science behind the pheromones and the responses of humansto pheromones, however, we have found that the buyer isn't very interested inthe depth of science. Only if they can try it and if it works on them and theirpartners. In this vein, we offer sample packages and have found that thesampling is a strong tie-in to purchases and conversion of clients,particularly at night clubs and parties where the objective of many of theparty goers is indeed, to meet somebody in the first place, which Master Pheromoneactively assists the wearer in doing.

Our overall objective is to improve the romance, passion and courtship of thebuyer of Master Pheromone Fragrance. We are not a sex toy company, rather weare a relationship enhancement and intimacy building company and for thatreason we offer our fans and clients the opportunity to add to our fantasynovel, get involved in home parties, consult with our specialists onrelationships, sex, dating and the like and enhance and improve the currentrelationships that they already have.

We will be introducing three additional characters and their related fragranceswithin the next quarter to further build the mystique, fantasy and brand ofMaster & Mistress